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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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Tourism in Buryatia. Lake Baikal and Siberia.
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Raduga centre - recreation at Baikal in Buryatia
Power and beauty of Baikal
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Directions and Location

The recreation base Raduga is located at the south-eastern shore of Baikal in Buryat Republic, the closest major city is Ulan-Ude (Buryatia`s capital).

The destination is Maksimikha village, which is in 237 km from Ulan-Ude  (30 km from Ust-Barguzin, 90 km from  Barguzin).

1.  By bus

Buses go from the bus-terminal in Ulan-Ude (route Ust-Barguzin/Barguzin/Kurumkan). Approximate travelling time from Ulan-Ude is 3-4 hours.  

2. Transfer from Ulan-Ude

You can prearrange a transfer from Ulan-Ude airport or the train station and bus terminal.   

3. By car

from Ulan-Ude - by the road in the direction of Ust-Barguzin/Baarguzin/Kurumkan:
the main destinations: Ulan-Ude - Gremyachinsk - Tuka - Goryachinks - Maksimikha (the reference point is the ecological Park-museum).

from Irkutsk - the Irkutsk road to Tataurovo, then the ferry through the Selenaga river - Koma - Turuntaevo - Baturino - Kika - Gremyachinsk - Turka - Goryachinsk - Kotkovo - Maksimikha (the reference point is the ecological Park-Museum)

There is a free parking lot at Raduga Centre

If you take the main road from Ulan-Ude, the reference point is 237 km, the sign "Park-museum", follow this sign and turn left, drive about 30 meters till the crossroads with Barguzinskaya street of Maksimikha village, and turn left again, and in 200-300 meters you will see the Centre.

how to get to Maksimikha

the reference point is 237 km
the reference point is 237 km, the sign "Park-museum"

how to get to Raduga centre

Raduga centre
The recreation base Raduga

Spend your holiday at Baikal
Raduga, recreation base in Maksimikha (Barguzin region)
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